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House of Rua Rui Barbosa is a minimalist house located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by SIA architecture. Large vertical floor-to-ceiling windows provide the interior with substantial natural lighting supplemented by a series of sky lights. The architects outfitted the space with custom storage to seamlessly blend closet space into the walls.
S.S. Building is a minimalist house located in Nagasaka, Japan, designed by FEDL. The building is a mixed-use complex involving both residential and commercial properties. It’s signature characteristic is a wooden overhang that spans the length of the building. The interiors feature large panoramic windows that allow for abundant natural lighting to enter the spaces.
Setagaya Flat is a minimalist house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Naruse Inokuma Architects. The architects decided to leave the walls of the interior unfinished, a surprisingly pleasing aesthetic mixed alongside modern fixtures and furniture. The architects wanted to blend the old with the new, thus retaining old elements. The concrete coalesces with the light wood floors and built in wooden shelving and storage units.
Ratio Table is a minimalist design created by Taiwan-based designer KIMU. Ratio tray can help you to divide your things, foods and sweets in a graceful way. By turning the brass axis, you can change the proportion of the tray. Start to organize your table in the mathematic way. The design is constructed of wood and brass.
Holiday Home Havsdalen is a minimalist house located in Geilo, Norway, designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter. The holiday home has a clear and clean cut expression. The volume has a main wing, of mainly bedrooms, which naturally adapt to the terrain and devides into two branches of living zones. The shift in program and use of different levels, make this part of the building adapt to the slope of the site. With the same timber cladding on all the outer walls and roof the holiday home is unified in one volume.
Thread Trestles is a minimalist design created by Germany-based designer Coordination. Thread Family expands again in 2013 with a new member: “Trestles” replenish the series consisting of Small Stool, Bistro Table, High Stool, Garderobe and Higher Desk. The three legged construction is height adjustable by the use of a lathed and threaded leg and thus adapts to the ergonomic needs of the owner. The completing tubular steel structure holds the threaded leg and gives solid support for a table top of individual choice.
Five is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designer Claesson Koivisto Rune. The collection includes an armchair, stool, dining table, coffee table, coat stand, clothes rail, and bench for Japanese label Matsuso T. The designs all feature pentagonal geometries using solid maple as the base material.
Steel Stool is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Noon Studio. After two years of development to create a no-screw, no-glue system allowing the stool to be used as a side or coffee table, book holder or shelving system, the Steel stool is influenced by traditional English craftsmanship and Provencal rawness.
Housing of the Ridge is a minimalist house located in Sendai, Japan, designed by Urban Architecture Planning Partnership. The house is built east to west in order to focus on the various viewpoints surrounding the site. 
Jellyfish House is a minimalist house located in Marbella, Spain, designed by WAA. Located in Marbella, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the Jellyfish House’s neighboring buildings block its view onto the nearby sea. 
Casa en Fontinha is a minimalist house located in Melides, Portugal, designed by Manuel Aires Mateus. The design is centered around an open courtyard, which overlooks the beautiful landscape beyond. The minimalist white exterior facade is matched with an equally white and simple interior.
Base Bench is a minimalist design created by Netherlands-based designer Arco. The bench was designed for the Base Table, which is also constructed of solid wood and concrete – durable materials that can withstand weathering. The wood is sourced locally from their factory in Winterswijk.
Vase is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Josie Morris. These copper and oak vases are the first in a series of turned vessels that explore how form and core components can be used to create a product range. The turned oak holds a metal (copper) sleeve which in turn holds water. The copper acts as the common component that can be slotted into multiple vases. Minimalistic in aesthetic, the range is designed to be high quality pieces for the home.
Netlife is a minimalist interior located in Oslo, Norway, designed by Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter AS. The user-experience consultancy firm Netlife Research commissioned Eriksen Skajaa Architects to rethink their offices and create new spaces for reflection and creativity. The challenge of low headroom and deep, dark office spaces inspired the architects to choose lightness as the basis for their concepts. These included white, natural rubber floors and a white ceiling as well as large glass walls and “Light boxes” to divide the different meeting rooms.
The Post is a minimalist house located in The Netherlands, designed by WAA. Sited at the edge of the Vrijhof, a square in the center of Maastricht, the Post contains 19 short-stay apartments whose creation entailed the extensive renovation of an existing state protected monument–a post office originally constructed in 1915.